Spring Snowstorm

The last weekend’s snowstorm affected Eastern Europe and Western Russia. It set records and was often called “unprecedented” in the news. To Tula, like to many other cities and towns in Europe, Ukraine, Belorussia and Russia the storm brought blizzard conditions, gusty winds and a lot of snow.
alley figure

The city felt quieter, calmer with fewer cars out.

Because this particular storm was big and mainly because it happened to pass us in the last week of March, it sparked a lot of witty remarks about the weather in general and this year’s never-ending winter in particular. Jokes such as “It’s 53rd of February”, or “Happy New Year”, or “The National Weather Service’s special offer: Survive three months of winter, get one month free” (kp.ru) quickly proliferated on the Internet making the weather not only tolerable but even enjoyable.
dkz sun

The storm made the city look better under the clean cover of the sparkling snow.
old houses path sun

Special, spring-like blue of the sky, spiky shadows that trees throw on the ground and the brightness of the snow offset the imperfections of the big industrial town.
monument snow

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