Concert at the Kremlin

We took our son to Moscow to two “must-go” Holiday children concerts. One was at the Kremlin and the second at the Moscow Circus. We truly enjoyed both. Everything was very well organized and we were glad we went. The concert at the Kremlin was held at the Kremlin Palace of Congresses — the place, where the Communist Party of the Soviet Union held its meetings. The Palace is an amazing example of Soviet architecture, characterized by huge scale and austere grandeur. Read more at:

The Palace accommodates 6,000 people. There was a long line to get in, but it moved very-very fast.
kremlin line

There was a very good pre-show performance at the front hall, but our attention was captured by the glowing swords, which were sold in multiple locations throughout.
Kremlin toys

After the performance, each child gets a present — a large tin filled with chocolate candies. When it was over, we went outside, light snow was falling and the old Kremlin looked like a magic kingdom.
Magic Kremlin

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