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Soviet Union collapsed a long time ago, but monument to Lenin is still standing guard to the festivities on Lenin Square in Tula.

Russian New Year Tula

5 thoughts on “More pictures

  1. The Soviet Union didn’t just “collapse.” Sadly, it was destroyed by the US through various covert and overt means. I want it back!

    “…in the new exuberant aggressiveness of world capitalism we see what communists and their allies held at bay.” – Richard Levins

      • It’s a good question, thank you. It’ll make a great topic for a post. It’s somewhat difficult to single out any particular “negative thing” that comes first to mind because for many people, myself included, the Soviet Union stands for childhood and youth but also represents a certain, highly polemical, period in Russia’s history. I would have to say it’s the soviet state’s total control of the public and private and its disregard for the individual.

      • Do you really think that the American ruling class doesn’t have total control over all aspects of the society? They just lie about it and know how to hide the evidence of that control from casual observers.

        Also, is it disregard for the individual to provide free healthcare and education for your citizens? Is it disregard of the individual to guarantee housing and employment, and highly subsidize transportation and cultural activities?

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